Gen 3 Masquerain (NU Revamp)


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Masquerain wishes desperately it was as good as Mawile, but ultimately its typing is a huge negative rather than a positive. With Intimidate, Masquerain is able to take on the likes of Choice Band Hitmonchan, Whiscash, and Piloswine pretty handily, as long as it doesn't meet a Rock-type move anyway. Unfortunately, Rock-type coverage is pretty much universal on physical attackers, and without any sort of recovery available to it and few resistances to make use of, Masquerain is highly unlikely to last throughout a match. It has a lot of neat aspects, particularly Whirlwind and Stun Spore to support the team, but in the end you'll find yourself wanting to use something a bit more sturdy.

name: Physically Defensive
move 1: Hidden Power Flying
move 2: Ice Beam / Hydro Pump
move 3: Stun Spore / Toxic
move 4: Whirlwind
item: Leftovers
ability: Intimidate
nature: Relaxed
evs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def

- Hidden Power Flying is a decent STAB move to beat back Hitmonchan and Grass-types to make use of Masquerain's typing
- Ice Beam or Hydro Pump deals with the Rock-types likely to switch into Masquerain. Ice Beam having broader coverage and being more reliable, Hydro Pump having more power and getting a decent hit on Mawile and Fire-types
- Stun Spore and Toxic help support the team depending on your teams' needs
- Whirlwind gives Masquerain a phazing option and can rack up Spikes damage, works well considering most things that are going to switch into Masquerain are grounded

- Max Defense needed to make use of Intimidate and its typing. Relaxed is use to not lower the power of HP Flying and Ice Beam
- Protect an option to allow Masquerain to scout for Rock-type coverage but it requires Masquerain to sacrifice its decent coverage
- Needs a teammate to switch into Rock-type moves, works very well with Mawile to form a dual-Intimidate core
- If pairing with Mawile need a teammate to take on Flareon and other Fire-types, good options include bulky Water-types

[Other Options]
- Haze and Thief
- HP Bug and Aerial Ace
- Icy Wind

[Checks and Counters]
- Relicanth
- Strong special attackers, Plusle, Haunter, Seadra
- Sudowoodo
- Metang
- Torkoal, Flareon

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